Mikro Ktima Titos


Although tucked away in the verdant forest next to the river, Mikro Ktima Titos is situated only a stone’s throw from Goumenissa and easily accessible. The Estate is the perfect place to come taste the local wines or to just relax.
Outside town, immediately past the Two Rivers area, turn right and continue for 1000 metres on the road that follows the bank of the Sirios river through the tranquil forest. Gargling wild waters, small waterfalls, wonderful flora and fauna, it all forms part of the year-round dazzling natural beauty surrounding Mikro Ktima Titos.

Guided tours and wine tasting sessions in the designated visitors areas of the Estate are possible upon request.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-15.00
Contact Details : Two Rivers, Goumenissa 61300
+30 23430 43074

Mikro Ktima Titos is accessible to people with disabilities

A winery visit can also be combined with walks and picnics in the Two Rivers expand or even with an ascent of Mount Paiko and stops at local monasteries.

Mikro Ktima Titos
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